How To Spend Less Time Writing Essays
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Writing an essay is never easy or quick, and many students feel as if it consumes an ample amount of time, which is often why they delay writing it. Getting started is always the most difficult part, spending time researching topics and outlining your essay before you even write your first word. It certainly can feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, there’s a website that writes paper for you so you can have your essay ready and properly written before you need to turn it in. This is a great service that can help you in a bind and allows you to work on other homework or tasks. 

Though if you are looking to reduce the time it takes you to write essays, here’s _ things that can certainly help. 

1. Schedule Your Essay Writing 

How much time do you have to write your essay? If you have free time, use that time to start, as well as establish how much time you feel you need to write it. Fortunately, many essays take only a half hour to an hour writing from start to finish. If you feel it would take 30 minutes to write the essay from beginning to end, you’ll likely need double that time for researching, outlining, proofreading, and other phases. In the case of writing an essay for 30 minutes, you’ll probably need an hour tops for preparing and fine-tuning it along with it.

2. Focus on Solely Answering Your Essay Question 

Your essay has a question that needs to be answered. Students often forget this and trail off in their papers, but the question is the most important thing to address in your essay. Before you even begin to write, think of your answer, even if it’s simple and short. This helps a lot, from giving an explanation for your answer to helping you find research to help support it. If you can’t think of an answer you agree with, brainstorm several possibilities until you have one that you’re comfortable with writing about. 

3. Section (or Summarize) Each Paragraph 

Oftentimes, it can be hard for students to write from start to finish. Fortunately, their own word processing programs can help them. Simply write a list of key sentences and quotes you want to include in the essay. Then, break lines according to where you’d like them to be in your essay. These can serve as crucial points in the essay to help it roll along to the conclusion. This way, not only can you structure your sections well, but you can continue to write with a good idea of knowing what comes next. You can keep writing and not have long pauses thinking about how to continue. 

4. Create Substantial Intros and Conclusions 

The introduction and conclusion and two parts of the essay that students often breeze through, but you should not overlook them when you want to write an essay for a good grade. Intros and conclusions are not really as dreadful to write as they seem, since you don’t need to do much research to write them. The intro simply needs to “hook” the reader in, while the conclusion can serve as a colorful


to tie everything together. Summary Writing an essay can feel like a herculean task that students can’t help but trudge along slowly. It is also worth considering that this time does not include research or proofreading. If you are looking to minimize the time it takes to write an essay, there are ways in which you can reduce the time it takes to finish.